DevOps Playgrounds 🧪

Linux, Containers, Kubernetes and Programming playgrounds with batteries included

Kubernetes Cluster (K3s)

A multi-node K3s cluster with a load balancer, Helm, and more.


A Linux server with Docker engine pre-installed.


A vanilla Ubuntu server.

MiniLAN (Ubuntu)

Three refined Ubuntu VMs connected into a single network.

Kubernetes Client (Go)

A collection of mini-programs demonstrating Kubernetes client-go usage and a loaded IDE. Handy if you need to write a controller or two.

contaiNERD CTL

nerdctl, containerd, and BuildKit packed together for true nerds.


A Linux server with Podman, a daemonless Docker alternative, pre-installed.


A fresh Go version and a loaded VS Code (or Vim) is all you need.


The latest Node.js, NVM, Docker, VS Code, and a bunch of extensions.


Get started with Zig in no time using an in-browser VS Code with handy addons preinstalled.

Alpine Linux

A lightweight Alpine Linux server.


A vanilla Debian server

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux - for RHEL fans.


AlmaLinux - for RHEL fans.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux - for all sorts of information security testing.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux - for minimalists.

Lightweight Kubernetes Cluster (K0s)

A single-node K0s cluster.

Lightweight Kubernetes Cluster (K3s)

A single-node cluster with most of the K3s bells and whistles disabled.

MiniLAN (Ubuntu, Docker)

Three Ubuntu servers with Docker pre-installed connected into a single network.

Docker Swarm

A three-node swarm accompanied by an ephemeral registry for ease of experimentation. Batteries included!

Basecamp Kamal

Kamal is a simple but handy tool to deploy containerized web apps on good old VMs.


A 4-in-1 playground (Docker, Podman, containerd, and Kubernetes hosts) to experiment with Dagger - a powerful development workflow automation engine.


A 3-in-1 playground (Kubernetes, Docker, and vanilla Linux hosts) to experiment with Tetragon - an eBFP-powered security observability tool.


Don't change anything in your container image and minify it by up to 30x making it secure, too!

Web terminal

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