Hard,  on  Containers Submissions: 15/19

Ok, here is another tricky one. This time, you'll need to copy a file from the image to the host filesystem. The image registry.iximiuz.com/tricky-one:latest waits for you in the registry. There is a file somewhere in the image called tricky-file.txt - find it and copy it to the /tmp directory on the host. Good luck!

Hint 1 💡

The ctr image export can do the trick, but it's not the only way. Also, it's by no means the most convenient way because it'll export all layers of the image, and you'll need to find the version of the file from the topmost layer, so some cross-checking will be required.

Hint 2 💡

It's a textual file, and it's stored in an Alpine Linux image, so you can run this image as a container, find the file, and then copy its content to the host. But it'd be boring, wouldn't it? Also, doing it for a binary file would be a bit more challenging. Try thinking of a better way to do it.

Hint 3 💡

Remember, one of the unique features of ctr is that it can mount images as filesystems. It's one of the areas where it outmatches docker and the like "higher-level" tools.

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