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Docker uses Linux namespaces (among other things) to isolate containers from each other. Kubernetes uses (although "slightly" different) namespaces for cluster resource isolation. And containerd is no exception - it has its own notion of namespaces.

Let's try working with containerd namespaces using the ctr command-line client.

First, you'll need to create a new containerd namespace called my-ns. It's an easy ask, so no hints, sorry. Try ctr namespace --help if you feel stuck.

Now run a container in the newly created namespace. It's a good idea to pick a relatively long-lived container (like nginx:alpine), so that the solution checker has enough time to notice it.

Hint 1 πŸ’‘

Both ctr run --help and ctr container create --help were of no help? Try ctr --help | grep -C 1 namespace.

Hint 2 πŸ’‘

The --namespace flag is a so-called global flag - it should be specified before the subcommand. Example: ctr --namespace my-ns container ls.

Hint 3 πŸ’‘

Getting an image not found error? Don't forget to ctr image pull first. Unlike docker run, ctr run doesn't pull images automatically.

Hint 4 πŸ’‘

Still getting that image not found error? Make sure you're pulling the image to the right namespace. Images, containers, and tasks are all namespaced in containerd.

If containerd is the "backend" of Docker, then it must know about the containers that Docker runs, right?

There is a Docker container called labs-are-fun running in the playground right now. You should be able to see it in the docker ps output. Can you find this container in containerd using the ctr command? What's its task ID?

Write the task ID of the labs-are-fun container to the /tmp/labs-are-fun.txt file.

Hint 5 πŸ’‘

Try ctr container ls and ctr task ls commands.

Hint 6 πŸ’‘

Apply the knowledge about namespaces you've gained in the preceding exercises.

Hint 7 πŸ’‘

What's the name of the Docker's open-source alter ego? It's also a name of a famous whale.

Hint 8 πŸ’‘

Tasks are also namespaced in containerd.

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