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In this challenge, you'll need to signal a container running in the Pod called slim. The target container has nothing but the app executable inside, so you won't be able to exec into it. Your cluster access is also limited - you can perform typical application management tasks in the default namespace, but the rest of the cluster (including SSH-ing into cluster nodes) is off limits. Ah, and of course, you're not allowed to modify or redeploy the Pod.

Good luck!

Hint 1 πŸ’‘

Since there is no shell in the container, and SSH access to cluster nodes is disabled, your options are fairly limited. Which is great!

Hint 2 πŸ’‘

Look at the challenge's tag list - it may give you some ideas.

Hint 3 πŸ’‘

With the kubectl debug command, you can spawn ephemeral containers in already running Pods without causing any disruption. And you can use whatever images you want for them!

Using kubectl debug to spawn ephemeral containers in a running Pod.
Hint 4 πŸ’‘

Much like kubectl exec, kubectl debug can also be used to execute commands in the target Pod, including starting interactive shells.

Hint 5 πŸ’‘

Inside the right Pod but cannot see the application process? Make sure you're targeting the right container. πŸ˜‰

Using kubectl debug to spawn ephemeral containers attached to the given container in a running Pod.

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