Easy,  on  KubernetesContainers Submissions: 84/172

In this challenge, you'll need to send a signal to a container running in the Pod called simple. Your cluster access is limited, but you can perform typical application management tasks in the default namespace. Please, do not modify or redeploy the Pod.

Good luck!

Hint 1 💡

At the time this challenge was created, there was no docker kill analog in kubectl. But luckily, docker kill is not the only way to signal a containerized application. Can you think of a more "traditional" way to send a signal to a Linux process?

Hint 2 💡

If you could only start a shell inside the target container...

Hint 3 💡

Wait, there must be a way to execute commands in Pod's containers.

Hint 4 💡

Have you tried kubectl exec yet?

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