Medium,  on  KubernetesContainers Submissions: 31/156

There is a Pod called sleepy in the challenge namespace. Much like its faulty sibling, it experiences some trouble starting up. Can you figure out what's wrong with sleepy and help it achieve the Ready condition without changing the Pod images or their contents?

Hint 1 💡

As usual, it's a good idea to start by reviewing the Pod spec and the container logs. Take a close look at the .spec.containers and .spec.initContainers lists. Make sure you understand the .status.containerStatuses and .status.initContainerStatuses fields. Examine the logs of the sleepy-sidecar and app containers.

Hint 2 💡

The sleepy-sidecar container is supposed not to just start before the app container but also to be fully functional.

Hint 3 💡

Kubernetes "native" sidecar containers have introduced a new container-level restartPolicy attribute. What other new attributes do they bring?

Hint 4 💡

Sometimes, an exec probe with curl (or any other HTTP client) can be used instead of an httpGet probe to check the container's readiness endpoint. And for containers listening on localhost, it might be the only option.

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