Medium,  on  Containers Submissions: 94/128

Much like in the previous challenge, you need to edit the index.html file of the running web server container:

  • Replace the phrase "Hello World" with the phrase "Hello Labs".
  • Add the phrase "Practice for the win!" to any place in the file.

However, this time, the container is based on a slim image, so there is no shell or any file editing tools inside. Of course, you cannot replace the base image - the container must not be restarted.

You can find the file in the /var/www/html directory. Good luck!

Hint 1 💡

Executing commands in the container is rather challenging in this case. Can you think of another way to modify the file?

Hint 2 💡

Leverage the fact that the container is running on the same machine as you. There must be a way to access its file system.

Hint 3 💡

You can use docker cp to copy files from and to the container.

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